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What Is Integral Sound Healing and Why Is It So Effective?

Integral sound healing is aimed to balance your spirit, mind, and body. It focuses on the root causes that affect mental and physical conditions. If the root causes of a condition are addressed, energy flow will be restored and the natural healing mechanism of your body will be back on track.

How Does It Work?

Therapists use sound from specially designed instruments to change the brain waves, from the beta state to the alpha state, and then to the theta state to enable the internal healing process. Therapists choose the best intrasound frequency that allows tissue in your body to resonate. When sound waves hit the molecules of your body, they will absorb a portion of the energy, which will be passed to adjacent molecules. This results in a ripple effect, until all the intrasound energy is absorbed by your body. At this stage, your body will resonate and different tissues will respond at different frequencies.

Integral Sound Healing For Improved Health And Wellness

But how does internal resonance lead to improved health and wellness?  The resonance of molecules causes cells in your body to compress and expand. Sort of like your body being massaged at a cellular level. These cells release toxins and waste products when compressed and absorbs nutrients when expanded. As your cells become healthier, the natural healing process in your body is restored as well. Intrasound therapy is safe because it uses normal sounds that your ears can hear. It has enough energy to oscillate your tissue, without heating it up or causing damage. In the medical field, examination and treatment with soundwaves are widely used. Echodardiograms and ultrasonography use ultrasound waves that are reflected by soft tissues and bones. Doctors use also high energy ultrasound waves to destroy tumours and fibroids.

Integral sound healing is also effective because your brain tissue responds well to the intrasound waves. If the brainwave frequency is synchronised with the intrasound wave, we will have better mental state and improved cognitive performance.

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