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Motorized Hospital Beds

Motorized hospital beds: One, two, three or four motorized beds have different characteristics. The engine placed under the bed is controlled by a remote control. These beds, which are suitable for patients with limited physical activity or paralyzed, have many functions.

Automatic hospital bed: Since it is difficult or impossible for the patient to move during the recovery period or throughout the life of the bedridden patient, the bed has been produced with this in mind. Automatic hospital bed refers to a bed with end-to-end moving structure. It can be controlled by manual and remote control.

Folding hospital beds: These beds are specially designed for hospital beds. The bed, which has joints suitable for the movable bone structure of the bed, is shaped on the bases that can be controlled by remote control, allowing the patient to be in a lying or sitting position. The bed, which is frequently used in hospitals as a children’s bed, is also very suitable for family use. Hasta yatağı kiralama

Inflatable hospital bed: After the inflatable hospital bed is placed on the bed or the floor, it is inflated with a pump and becomes a bed with practical uses.

Potty: A carefully designed hospital bed for patients who cannot get up from the toilet on their own or with the help of others, who are completely dependent on the bed or others. Bed rest is not only for the patient to sustain himself comfortably, but also to prevent his loved ones from having difficulties in this regard.

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How Should The Patient Bed Be?

Hospital bed is predominantly orthopedic, as it has a different purpose than normal beds. It should then be soft and comfortable to shape according to the patient’s body. The railing should be removable if desired. The headrest should be extremely soft and comfortable. Pillow selection should be made according to the anatomical structure. The neck and head are not injured as the patient will usually lie in the same position. It is important for comfort that the selected mattress is an inflatable mattress. The choice made in this direction guarantees a comfortable and long rest to the patient.

The height of the bed should neither be too low nor too high. If the patient can move on their own, it should be at a height that makes it easier to get in and out of bed. Beds where the height of the bed can be controlled with a remote control usually have more functions. Ideally choose this direction. Before choosing the most ideal bed, it is possible to choose a patient bed that provides the comfort that the patient needs with the help of a specialist. Hasta yatağı

What is the Hospital Bed Price?

Hospital bed prices vary according to bed type and feature. Hospital beds are divided into two groups, for sale and for rent. In addition to purchasing, it is also possible to rent the beds.

There are various types of hospital beds. While medical centers sell hospital beds, they also rent hospital beds. Most people who need a hospital bed for a few months or less choose to rent rather than buy as it will be more convenient. The use of hospital beds at home is a life-saving option for patients and their families. Beds ordered at home are provided free of charge.