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How To Help A Drug Addict

Last updated on June 6, 2022

Drug Addiction Is A Disease

Drug addiction is a mental and physical condition caused by the use of psychoactive substances. They influence behavior change – gaining an advantage over what was previously characteristic of a given person. Addiction is accompanied by a strong need to take a substance in order to obtain the psychic effects of its action. This inner compulsion may also be dictated by the avoidance of drug-free symptoms. Drug addiction is treated as a disease and therefore requires specialist medical, psychological and social intervention.

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When A Drug Addict Doesn’t Need Help …

The addicted person is usually unaware that he is dealing with a dangerous addiction. Drugs are a stepping stone for her, a way to solve problems, and entertainment. It seems to her that she can stop taking drugs at any time.

The drug addict, like any other struggling addiction, will go to great lengths to prove that he or she does not need help and that he or she has everything under control. This, of course, is an illusory belief, but unfortunately it does not make the task easier for those who want to help someone struggling with drug addiction. Therefore, it is worth being well prepared about the addiction process. If we know how to help addiction unconsciously, then the problem of creating a situation in which addiction will develop can be avoided. Often, despite good intentions, the family actually harms a drug addict. Giving her an alibi, explaining her behavior to others, her boss or teachers, borrowing money, hiding a problem, or being manipulated by a drug addict are some of the most common mistakes. In this way, you fall into codependency, which often also requires psychological help.

Voluntary Or Compulsory Treatment For Drug Addiction

Offering a drug addict treatment for drug addiction is one thing that can be done. OAZA is an example of a drug addiction center where people who voluntarily made a decision to report to drug addiction or are sent here on the basis of a court decision are sent. In the event that the addicted person does not want to undergo treatment, but is underage, he or she can be referred to our facility on the basis of an application submitted to a family court. In the case of adults, compulsory treatment may take place, for example, in a situation where drug addiction led to a mental illness or to its suspicion. The principle of voluntary undergoing drug addiction treatment does not apply to perpetrators of crimes related to the use of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.

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Individually Tailored Treatment Of Drug Addicts

Each drug addict requires an individually prescribed course of drug addiction treatment. In most cases, however, it usually starts with a drug detox, which is carried out in a drug treatment center. Its aim is to reduce the symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome that occurs after drug withdrawal. The goal is to detoxify the body of the harmful toxins that result from drug use. The patient is rehydrated, he is given vitamins and medications to help him survive this difficult period in life. Cleansed and in a slightly better physical condition, the body is able to take up another challenge. The decision to continue drug addiction through short-term, medium or long-term therapy can help you start a new life. A drug treatment center is a place where a drug addict can face his own weaknesses with the support of medical, nursing and therapeutic staff.