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How To Handle With Alcoholic

Last updated on June 6, 2022

Alcoholism Is A Disease

Realizing that one family member has a problem with alcohol, many people begin to blame themselves for the condition. However, rather than looking for the source of the disorder within yourself, remember that alcoholism is a disease and should be treated as such. There can be many reasons for it, sometimes one person is exposed to several different factors that may cause the disease. We divide the sources of alcoholism into the following categories:

  • medical,
  • genetic,
  • psychological,
  • pedagogical,
  • hormonal,
  • sociological.

The Problem Is In The Head

Merely quitting alcohol will not help you fight the disease. In a state of sobriety, the patient is often unable to find himself, alcohol is an escape from the problems of everyday life for him, therefore the impulse to reach for the drink is very strong. Of course, relatives enjoy the longer period of abstinence, but it is extremely difficult for the patient himself. During the sobering-up period, there is a strong sense of guilt for the harm caused to the family by the alcoholic through his drinking. If he does not undergo appropriate therapy, even a trivial failure to tell is enough to make him drink alcohol again.

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Popular Mistakes

People close to the alcoholic often use emotional blackmail towards him in the hope that this will prevent him from reaching for the drug, but such behavior makes the patient feel even more guilty. Also, controlling the amount of alcohol consumed by a sick person will not work, even if we find all the bottle lockers, it will not stop him from finding more. Besides, hiding and pouring alcohol in front of the sick person will only make the sick person want to drink even more desperately.

First Of All, Not To Protect

So how do you deal with an alcoholic in order to really help him, instead of making his illness worse? First of all, it is important to make it clear that we know that he is not coping with the alcohol problem and we know the extent of his illness. Stop fixing his drinking mistakes: translating him to the children or the employer, escorting him from the bar, picking up the unconscious from the floor. For a person who loves an alcoholic, it is very difficult, the willingness to help is very strong, but for his sake it is worth being assertive and clearly setting boundaries. The alcoholic needs to know the consequences of his illness: family and financial problems, problems at work or the loss of his driving license.

Specialist Help

When a sick person realizes the enormous damage alcoholism has done to him and his loved ones, then you can start looking for appropriate therapy in a place where they know how to deal with the alcoholic. First of all, it is worth suggesting joining a support group, meetings with other addicts can be very helpful. At the same time, one can consider individual psychotherapy, during which the patient acquires the skills that will be necessary for him to lead a life of sobriety. In some cases, drug treatment or even hypnosis is also used.

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Unfortunately, alcoholism cannot be completely cured, but thanks to proper therapy and mental hygiene, a sick person has a good chance of giving up alcohol forever.