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Garden Chairs For Disabled – A Guide To Gardening

As the warm, refreshing spring sun rises, most people pull towards basking in its glory and engaging in other outdoor activities. However, gardening is a worthy and fun endeavor you can try out if you have some space in your yard. Being disabled or confined to a wheelchair may be a challenge, but you can still manage it just fine if you do it right.

If you want to try out gardening this spring, here are some helpful drills and suggestions that you could adopt. They will undoubtedly help your plants flourish so you can have a successful and fun endeavor.

Take Your Time

Gardening can be quite an overwhelming engagement, especially if you have mobility limitations or any other type of disability. Moreover, some tasks might take longer than others. You do not have to handle all the tasks at once. Whether you are sweeping leaves, mowing lawns, or planting flowers, assign each task its own week. This will not only make these tasks easier but also more enjoyable.

Acquire Accessible Gardening Equipment

For the best gardening experience, it is imperative to invest in your most suitable gardening equipment. If you find yourself struggling to stand or crouch for as long as gardening might require, you could purchase a garden rocker chair or garden kneeler to enable you to do your gardening comfortably. Garden rocker chairs come in handy to offer you the support and comfort you need when gardening.

They are designed to fit your shape, and whether you are leaning forward or backward, they rock with you accordingly. On the other hand, garden kneelers come with pouches to hold all the gardening tools you need. To avoid exhaustion and joint pains in the course of your gardening, you can use comfortable gloves and if possible, some knee pads. When you are at ease and comfortable, you are more likely to do a self-satisfactory and impressive job.

Make Your Garden As Accessible As Possible

Comfort is of the essence when gardening hence the need to make your outdoor as accessible as possible. For instance, if you are in a wheelchair, you can plant your flowers in a hanging basket rather than on the ground. This way, you can tend to them comfortably at your eye level. On the other hand, if you have a short stature, stand-alone pots that you can handle on ground level would be the perfect choice for you. If you make your garden accessible and inclusive to you, you will not only reap its full benefits but also enjoy the whole endeavor. Gardening does not have to be a stressful hassle.

As a disabled person, you are not limited in any way. Like other people, you can enjoy gardening and even get incredible results. However, you have to know how to make it work the best for you. Whether this means purchasing the ideal gardening equipment, taking time on individual tasks, changing your work tools, or changing the entire layout of your garden, make it as accessible as possible. You will work comfortably and are more likely to get the desired results.

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