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Alcoholic At Home – Where To Find Help?

Last updated on June 6, 2022

Alcoholism is medically diagnosed and classified as an incurable, chronic and chronic disease which, if left untreated, may result in the death of the addict. In the initial stage of addiction, alcoholization does not deviate from the socially accepted drinking pattern because it is occasional and social. Nevertheless, the person consuming high-alcoholic drinks begins to experience positive effects of drinking. Alcohol allows you to make new contacts, relax, and even be a way of coping with difficulties and problems. For this reason, there is an increasing use of alcohol, which is drunk not only among friends, but also in solitude.

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Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for those close to seeing the problem when alcoholism reaches an advanced stage. Symptoms are more and more frequent palimpsests and alcohol strings, and there is a degradation of life in all its aspects. It should also be pointed out that alcoholism is a chronic disease that is difficult to deal with on its own. In order to overcome the addiction, it is necessary to support the loved ones and the help of qualified specialists. Participation in support groups is also invaluable, as being able to share problems and understanding is extremely important. Nevertheless, living with an alcoholic at home is very difficult and requires proper handling.

Alcoholism in the family is usually hidden by its members – the wife and children, as it is a source of shame. It is directly related to the occurrence of the phenomenon of co-dependence in loved ones. The symptoms of codependency are not only concealing the problem, but also justifying and caring for the addict’s hygiene. For this reason, help is needed not only by the addicted person, but also by his immediate family. Therefore, it is necessary to seek help from specialists in psychotherapy and support groups who will indicate the correct patterns of behavior and behavior towards a person addicted to alcohol.

Alcoholic In The Family – What To Do When There Is An Alcohol Problem At Home?

Alcoholism is a disease that directly affects a drug addict. Nevertheless, addiction also affects the functioning of the entire family – wife or husband and children. Long alcohol strings are a source of stress, anxiety and anxiety for family members as it is impossible to ensure basic needs for security and stability.

This situation leads directly to the emergence of the problem of codependency among loved ones. In such a situation, it is necessary to help not only the alcohol addict, but also his family. In the case of alcoholism, the most effective form is psychological help, which consists in conducting therapy aimed at acquainting family members with the mechanisms of addiction, indicating ways of coping with a new, difficult situation for them, and indicating patterns of behavior that will enable the development of attitudes towards a person addicted to alcohol.

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So the question arises: what to do when there is an alcoholic in the family? It is necessary to shift the alcoholic’s responsibility for his own actions, not to hide the problem and to act consistently. This does not mean, however, that the addicted person should not be given support and love and should not be left alone with the addiction. It is worth pointing out that alcohol is used primarily by people with low self-esteem and emotional problems. Therefore, leaving them addicted without support and help may aggravate the problem. It should be pointed out that one is an alcoholic throughout his life, which means that even a successful detox of the body and drug addiction therapy do not guarantee a cure, because a relapse of the disease may occur even after many years of abstinence. For this reason, it is necessary to support the family at every stage of treatment and after its completion.