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A Process for Beginners to Prevent Food from Freezer Burn

Most beginners are unaware of proper food storage methods especially freezing, which leads to wastage of food. Many people throw out food even if it has a single layer of frost on it. Freezer-burned food doesn’t cause foodborne illnesses. Mostly it is recommended to not eat them because of the quality issues.

Freezer burns occur due to the moisture inside the food that evaporates due to the dry and harsh climate inside the freezer. Due to freezer burn, the meat becomes dehydrated and its color also gets changed. Usually the color of beef turn into a shade of brown and the color of fish and chicken may turn pinker with white hues.

If you encounter such a situation where you have to use freezer-burned meat, you can use it after cutting out the dehydrated section. There are different ways that help to prevent freezer burn. Blast chiller really helps in lowering food temperature quickly and storing food at the right temperature. Here we are going to share a process that will help beginners to prevent freezer burn.

Wrap the Food Properly

The first important point that you need to be careful about is that your food shouldn’t be exposed to the air inside your freezer. Because the air inside the freezer lacks humidity due to which humidity or water inside the food moves towards the surface of the food. And water that is accumulated on the surface of the item becomes gas. And this evaporated moisture may cause freezer burn.

But if you wrap the food tightly, you can store your food for a long time. If your food will be wrapped tightly, it will not be exposed to a harsh environment inside the freezer hence prevent freezer burn.

Use Butcher Paper or Wax Paper

According to food experts, butcher paper and wax freezer paper are more helpful in preventing freezer burn. Moreover, these papers are also more effective as compared to conventional plastic wrap. So, wrap your food in wax freezer paper tightly. It will work as a barrier between the food and harsh and low moisture air inside the freezer. It will also prevent dehydration of food because it inhibits the process of evaporation.

But if you want an ultimate solution for freezer burn then we will suggest investing in a vacuum sealer. By removing air around the food also prevent dehydration of meat and other foods.

Rewrap Your Purchases

If you have bought a family pack of beef, fish, or any other food item and want to freeze it, it is recommended to rewrap it first. Especially, if it is mentioned on the food packaging that it is not being airtight or packaging shows this sign.

If you can rewrap each piece individually, it will prevent the food from freezer burn better. So, rewrap food individually with wax paper or with a vacuum sealer.

Place A Cup of Water Inside the Freezer

Placing a cup of water inside the freezer helps to increase the humidity level around the frozen food. Even when the water freezes, it prevents food from freezer burn. So, simply take any container and add some water to it. Place the water-filled container inside the freezer.

This water will increase the moisture in the air inside the freezer due to evaporation. And dehydration process in other foods will get slower.

Dipping Food in Water

Fishermen use this process when they transport their catch. They coat each shrimp and fillet with water and then place them into the freezer. The water layer outside the fish turn into ice and that ice layer protects freezer burn.

You can also dip meat and fish fillet in cold water before placing it in the freezer. The added moisture layer will evaporate first, preventing the food from dehydration.